Facebook Dislike Button, Instagram Engagement & Annoying Hotel Guests

Facebook Dislike Button debuts…sort of

After years of requests from users Facebook finally unveiled the Dislike Button they had recently mentioned they were working on. The only thing is that the button they talked about turned out to be an emoji-like face to allow users to express an emotion they feel.

Called “Reactions”, they are a series of emoji alongside the good ol’ Like button to give users the ability to express the emotions seen in the image below.Facebook Reactions

Reactions are being tested out in Ireland and Spain with no word on if they will become available for worldwide use.

Instagram Organic Engagement is dropping

Social analytics company, Locowise, deduced that Instagram organic engagement is dropping after conducting a study of more than 2,500 brand profiles. The findings suggest the social network is moving closer to a pay-to-play model similar to Facebook (which owns Instagram). Interestingly enough, Instagram ads are beginning to become more widely available to pages…

Don’t be an annoying guest

Annoying Hotel GuestsExpedia has a list of the most annoying hotel guests. After conducting a hotel etiquette study and asking more than one thousand people which traits and behaviors they found most annoying of fellow guest the list is interesting:

  1. Inattentive parents who let their kids run wild
  2. People who are exceptionally loud in the hotel hallway for all to hear
  3. Guests who berate hotel staff

Check out the full list here and stay polite, friends!


Ad Blockers Big, Money for Snaps and a Dislike Button

Ad Blockers Big, Money for Snaps and a Dislike Button


Credit: Apple

Ad blockers popular on App Store

Apple’s support of ad-blocking software in its latest iOS9 software appears to be paying off – for ad blocking apps. Three of the App Store’s top paid apps in the U.S. are ad blockers, causing concern for advertisers.

The adoption is reported to be even more popular in Europe. As of right now, the popularity of such apps appears to be on the rise but, like desktop ad blockers, it remains to be seen how popular the ad blocking software will be in the long term.

Snapchat cashing in?

Love that kitty Snap your sister sent you but bummed it disappeared before you could show a friend? For one dollar you can re-view up to three times. However, you can only use the paid review once per Snap.

Of course, this model marks a big change from a social network whose model is based upon the feature of a disappearing message.

Dawn of the Dislike button?

According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg a Dislike button is on its way. He made the comments earlier this week and said testing would roll out “soon.” Zuckerberg went on to say that Facebook has heard requests for a Dislike button for years and wanted users to know the company was listening to them. He mentioned that not every story or post is a happy one (like crises or tragedies) and that a Dislike button could actually be used positively for users and in a supporting way.