First Year Anniversary Q&A With Scout Holaday

Happy One Year Anniversary as a Digital Advertising Strategist with TwoSix Digital, Scout!

TwoSix: Your first year at TwoSix Digital has been a unique one, with COVID lockdowns occurring just after your first two weeks as part of the team. How did you adjust from the traditional sense of working with a team onsite to working fully remote with a brand-new team?

Scout: One of the biggest blessings of this entire experience has been how easy it was to make the initial transition to working from home. The digital nature of our work allows us to be more flexible in this way than other industries. That being said, getting to know the new team was a bit more of a challenge. We’re really lucky to have a group that likes to talk to each other, so it didn’t take long for us to get comfortable with group meetings.

TwoSix: What is the most valuable skill you’ve learned during the last year? 

Scout: I have learned so many new skills since starting, it’s so hard to pick! Becoming more comfortable with different ad platforms has taught me more about campaign strategy and provided a lot opportunities to advance my tracking and measurement skills. I think this is the most valuable experience I’ve gained because it has made me much more confident in my work.

TwoSix: Since this is your first job in the travel and tourism industry –  what has been your favorite part of working in the industry so far?

Scout: One of my favorite parts of my job is getting acquainted with a new location and how the priorities of a destination change with the seasons. I feel much more connected to the world around me in this industry compared to others I’ve worked in, and I am constantly getting new ideas for my future travels.

TwoSix: Now that you’ve gotten a year in the travel & tourism industry under your belt, what is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is managing digital ads for a DMO or CVB?

Scout: Audience building, audience building, audience building! The user data you launch a campaign with is going to impact the results of the entire campaign. Keeping audiences updated and organized by niche, season, and level of intent will ensure you’re reaching the right people at the right time.

TwoSix: Thanks, Scout! We love having you as a part of the team!

Scout: 2020 was a very unusual year, but it was also the first year I really felt like I loved my job. I am so thankful for the TwoSix team, and so excited to continue learning and growing with you all!

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