Trending at TwoSix: Social Media Budgets and Solo Travel

TwoSix Digital wants you to leverage social media to capitalize on travel trends because we care about your goals. Therefore, we hope you find valuable information and inspiration in this week’s blog so you can apply them to your organization. Let’s get going.

Tip of the Week: Make gifs out of your videos to get the most out of your video content.

Be honest, before Tumblr and Twitter – do you ever remember hearing of Graphics Interchange Format? Gifs are a type of image file format that was invented in 1987. Due to the growing popularity of imagery on social media, gifs are now some of the most popular pieces of content on the internet.

First of all, we constantly encourage our clients to make the most of their content. Instagram photos can be strung together for a blog, Pinterest boards can be turned into Tweets. Also, YouTube videos can be turned into gifs!

It seems like many of our clients pay a decent price for video content. Therefore we encourage them to make the most of their content by repurposing videos into gifs. Check out the gif maker. Share the gif on Twitter, and watch your engagement soar! (Facebook claims to be gif-friendly, but we have noticed some functionality issues.)

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Gif is pronounced with a hard “g”. Jif is a brand of peanut butter. Boom.

Fact of the Week: Social media budgets have increased from 3.5% of overall marketing budgets in 2009 to 11.7% in 2017.

The TwoSix Digital team was surprised to hear this statistic, because we believe 11.7% is too low. Have you calculated your budget to see what percentage is allocated in social media? If you are under 20%, perhaps you can reevaluate your spending. Are their “legacy” budget items that can be removed? Do you REALLY need to advertise in the local community guide? Imagine the impact you can make on social media with a few extra dollars.

If you are stumped on social media spending, take a look at our list of services. Our Tactical Content Planning Program, and Integrated Digital Campaigns can help streamline your funds so you have the best results.

Noteworthy Article: New Survey Says Solo Travel Will Be the Key Trend of 2017

More and more travelers are looking for enriching experiences when planning their next vacation. This is leading to a rising trend in solo-tourism, allowing travelers the opportunity to have a truly personal experience. The article notes that 51% of those surveyed were planning on taking a trip alone.

How can you engage the solo traveler? Consider using images of independent travelers, or writing blogs about solo-travel at your destination.

Client Photo of the Week: Visit South Bend

Check out this beautiful photo of Potato Creek State Park thanks to Visit South Bend!

TwoSix on Tour

TwoSix Digital was out and about this weekend in our state’s capital and Dublin, Ohio!

TwoSix Anniversary

We celebrated our three-year anniversary on January 10, 2017. Thanks to all of our clients and colleagues for their support!

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