5 Quick Questions with TwoSix Digital’s Newest Team Member Nick Danowski

Let’s welcome the newest member of the TwoSix Digital Team, Nick Danowski! He is serving as the Digital Content Strategist and is very excited to work with all of you! Let’s learn more about him.

26: Welcome aboard, Nick! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Nick: Thanks, great to be here! I’m an athletic, dorky dog dad that will talk your ear off about cinematography in the newest HBO series, political parallels between our current situation and Ancient Rome, and my preferred starting 11 for the latest Tottenham match if you’ll let me. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a dual major in Economics and Political Science early, I stuck around Ann Arbor to work as an independent consultant and then as a marketing & art director for a nightlife business. Excited to apply my skills at TwoSix!

26: Tell us more about your experience with digital marketing.

Nick: My first foray into digital marketing was in high school, promoting myself as a DJ for hire, but that soon escalated into promoting events for as a leader in a music student group I joined in college, which then became promoting events for internationally touring artists at the start of my professional career – tossing in experience with everything from redesigning real estate websites to cosmetic product launches in between. My expertise, thus far, has been getting those headlines just right, optimizing digital ad campaigns, and creating content to build engaging, diverse online communities.

26: What is your favorite social media channel for personal use, and professional use?

Nick: Every morning, if I’m confident in my ability to avoid sport or TV spoilers, I open Twitter and strap in for a wild ride. There’s something about the format that’s extremely conducive to both absurdist humor and powerful messages, and I can’t get enough of either. However, there’s no better way to show off great graphic design and enthralling images than the platform that was made for it: Instagram. The “stories” functionality has helped to cement it as my professional favorite.

26: TwoSix Digital works exclusively in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. What is the most magnificent place you have ever visited?

Nick: I have only the foggiest memory of it, but seeing beaches of pink sand and swimming through the crystal clear waters above coral ecosystems in Bermuda as a child was enough to stick in my memory. As an adult, though, so far nothing has beaten running through sand dunes and watching sunsets over Lake Michigan, and I head west every summer to do so.

26: What is the best social media/content marketing advice you have ever received?

Nick: It’s not quite advice, but the number of companies who have talked to me about emulating aspects of Wendy’s Twitter has taught me quite a bit. Be yourself – people want something that stands out and feels real. And stuff that makes them laugh. 

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