TwoSix Digital At The Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism

Posted: December 1, 2021

This past November, the TwoSix Digital team attended Pure Michigan’s Governor’s Conference on Tourism at Detroit’s Motor City Casino. This event featured three days of dynamic workshops with top industry-leading keynote speakers and networking opportunities.

TwoSix Digital’s own Dave Serino and Brian Matson presented on top digital marketing tactics and trends related to the tourism industry. Read on to learn more about their presentations and their own takeaways.

Digital Campaigns Driven by Coopetition (and Data)

Presentation Description:

The possibilities are endless when destination marketing organizations and their partners embrace a culture of coopetition! Hear about some of the latest tools and strategies that area businesses and organizations reach the most motivated travelers to help fuel our local economy. Empowering your next digital campaign is easy when you get a little help from your friends while leveraging the latest buzzword and the power of cooperative data!

  • Learn why it is important to start using the right platforms for your upcoming advertising efforts
  • Leverage essential tools to take your marketing to the next level
  • Empower your campaigns by targeting engaged and motivated online users
  • Discover new ways that you can develop highly refined audiences for use in your marketing
  • Learn how to build a “data cooperative” with key partners, stakeholders, and other niche businesses with just a click of a mouse

Dave Serino

Founder & Chief Strategist

Main Takeaways

Here are a few takeways from Dave’s presentation slides

  • Be aware of “Dark Social”! Join Facebook groups in your local community along with niches that relate to product offerings like skiing, golf, museums, etc – in a broader geographic area – to monitor conversations and gain helpful product insight.
  • With 85% of social ad responses coming via mobile devices, do everything you can to ensure that your website speed is fully optimized for mobile use and load times are as fast as possible.
  • Develop landing pages that reflect your ad creative along with making them concise and compelling enough to inspire users to scroll through as much content as possible on that specific page and click to additional pages on your website.
  • Leverage your creative with video and compelling images.  Users are clicking on images more than they are reading copy and any motion in your creative will help catch the eye of a user.
  • Build layered ad campaigns that begin with inspiration and end with a conversion objective.  That objective can range from an email acquisition to a guide request, and/or a ticket or hotel reservation.
  • Win the privacy battle by collecting email addresses and contact information from consumers that you own and can leverage to enhance future campaign targeting through your source data.
  • Embrace machine learning on your ad networks.  Develop solid initial targeting based on your source data and consumer profiles and then let the behaviors following the link click to work to your advantage based on the network’s machine learning capabilities

To Tik or To Tok: Everything You Need to Know About This Emerging Network

Presentation Description:

Get the latest information that you need to consider when it comes to whether or not you should be leveraging TikTok (and other similar services) for your business/organization. This emerging social media application is taking the world by storm and comes with some compelling reasons why you should consider adding it to your digital marketing mix. Get your questions answered and learn why you should or shouldn’t dive into the fascinating world of TikTok.

  • Learn which consumers are using TikTok
  • Discover best practices and tips to jumpstart your TikTok Strategy
  • Learn about how you can distribute and integrate your TikTok content into what you do every day
  • We’ll discuss paid strategies for TikTok

Brian Matson

Senior Director of Strategy & Education

Main Takeaways:

Here are a few takeways from Brian’s presentation slides:

• Claim your space on TikTok! Follow some travel influencers to get inspired!

• Look at what you’re currently doing and what’s not working. Get rid of the things that aren’t working (I’m looking at you Twitter.) Take that time and dedicate it to establish TikTok into your digital marketing strategy.

• To get started, strive to create TikTok content that supports strong, evergreen themes associated with your regular blogging activities.

• Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun! This is essential on this network. Content geared towards best-kept secrets, oddities, and behind-the-scenes themes can help differentiate your account from others.

• Consider adding TikTok ads to your regular digital advertising efforts!


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