Your Top Instagram Story Questions, Answered

Since the launch of Instagram stories in 2016, they have been constantly evolving and have become a key part of a digital marketing strategy, now occupying prime real estate at the very top of the app home page. Although they’ve been around for a number of years now, community managers often ask about the feature’s best practice. Here are some common questions about Instagram stories that will help you craft your next piece of story content. 

How often should I post on my Instagram Story?

Instagram stories are prime traffic drivers, a great way to build brand awareness, and can encourage customers to act. Best practice is to post 2-3 times per week in order to keep users’ attention. Every day is not necessary and it’s possible to actually lose consumers’ attention by posting every single day. 

TwoSix Tip:Avoid the stress of coming up with story ideas every week and take time to look at your events calendar and establish weekly themes (just like you do with your regular Instagram feed!).

How many pieces of content should I add on my story?

There is no concrete number that proves that having three slides rather than six will be more successful. However, it is imperative to remember that your main goal should be to tell a story without overwhelming the viewer. If it only takes three pieces of content to tell the story, and then get the customer to act, leave it at three! 

How do I get users and partners more engaged?

The order in which the slides are presented is important when you are trying to grab a partner or user’s attention. Make it engaging from the moment that they open it until the final call-to-action by adding GIFs, stickers, and by using a variety of both photos and videos! If you are using user or partner-generated-content it is also crucial to make sure to tag them – this way, they will view it and possibly share it themselves. This can cause a snowball effect that can encourage others to share their images in order to be featured! Finally, the most integral way to drive traffic through your story is by adding swipe up links OR by directing traffic to your bio. 

Check out how Google Maps uses the unique CTA of “Save this Place” and then encourages users to share using the hashtag:

How do I make it high-quality?

A high-quality Instagram story often generates more traffic and encourages users to come back to see what else you have to say. So, what constitutes as “high quality?” 

Take your videos for your story vertically so they fit within the video frame and use images that are high quality and vertical. If you plan to use a graphic in your story, make sure that it enhances your story rather than hurting it. Be sure to tag a location, too! Here are some good examples of high-quality images featured on Instagram stories: 

How do I add brand personality?

Your story is a great way to connect with your community and further your brand tone and personality. Establishing personality can easily be done without the method of taking videos of yourself every time. Remember that while people do care about the humanizing of a brand, they’re following the account, not for the person running the account. Starbucks is a great example of a brand defining their voice through their marketing on their Instagram story. Check it out: 

Finally, remember to always post to your Instagram story with a purpose. Be careful not to post a story because you haven’t met your weekly “quota.” Sometimes it can be more harmful than helpful if you post a bad story rather than waiting until you really have a quality topic to post about. Once you’ve posted your story, add it as highlight on your page so visitors can see it when they open your Instagram feed. For more guidance on creating a compelling Instagram story, check out our blog post on How to Create the Perfect Instagram Story

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