Trending at TwoSix: The Future of Instagram Ads and Attention Spans

Instagram continues to be a powerful source for travel inspiration. This week’s blog will give you some quick information on ways to create exciting content for Instagram, and what Facebook says about growing your Insta-audience. Plus, we will discuss the dwindling attention spans of humans, and what content creators should do about it. Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Use Instagram’s Hyperlapse App to create quality time lapse videos on your phone.

Time lapse videos can be a great way to showcase a beach, event, or another unique aspect of your destination.

We recommend making these types of videos on your phone to quickly produce engaging content. The best way to do this is by using Instagram’s Hyperlapse App.

Take a look at your YouTube page. Have you posted a new video in the last month? If not, consider downloading Hyperlapse and get creative! Post the video to both Instagram, and YouTube. Remember, videos are so important to potential travelers as they research your destination.

For more on Instagram, keep reading to hear what Facebook has to say about Instagram Ads for travel brands.

Fact of the Week: The human attention span is 8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish.

Like it or not, the human attention span is dwindling. If we click a link, and we can’t find what we need immediately, we will bounce.

Content shared on social media needs to be extremely compelling and attention grabbing to rise above the noise, and combat our short attention spans.

If you struggle to create content, consider signing up for TwoSix Digital’s Tactical Content Planning Program to step up your game.

For now, we found a great article on ways to produce content for our goldfish-like brains. WARNING: It takes more than 8 seconds to read the article.

Noteworthy Article: Facebook Says Instagram Ads Look Promising For Travel Brands in 2017.

Facebook news feeds have become oversaturated with ads versus organic content, according to Facebook’s CFO David Wehner. To combat this, Facebook is pushing more ads towards its image-sharing sibling, Instagram.

Now, Insta-users can choose to save Instagram ads for later, potentially increasing your likelihood for click-throughs. Before we banish all hope in Facebook, take a look at their new(ish) ad product tailor-made for the travel industry.

TwoSix Client Pic of the Week: Crystal Mountain

Blue skies and fresh corduroy this a.m. ⛅️ #blueskies #crystalmountainmi

A photo posted by Crystal Mountain Michigan (@crystalmountainmi) on

Crystal Mountain in northwestern Michigan shared this awesome photo of #PureMichiganSnowDay fun!

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